My Angel Baby

When I found out I was pregnant with my 4th child, I was in complete "SHOCK" (to say the least)!  My husband had taken the necessary "precautions" about 6 months earlier, so this wouldn't happen. And, although there is a slight chance you can still conceive . . . we definitely didn't think we would be so "lucky".  Well, let me tell you, this baby girl couldn't be more meant to be.  She's our 1st and only girl after 3 boys, she was born against odds and she was born on February 29, 2012.  That's right . . . she's a Leap Year baby!

I was so excited to be having a girl.  I always dreamed of having a little girl, but still felt very blessed for my 3 wonderful, healthy boys.  I assumed she was conceived because we were truly just meant to have a girl.  Well, just a few months after she was born . . . and throughout the past 11 months, I have come to realize that she is truly my angel.  Through my darkest days and the most difficult time in my life, as I deal with coming to terms with my husbands infidelity and our road towards many changes, she has been my shining light.  All my kids are what keep me going and my reason to get up in the morning each day, but this little baby girl definitely came in to this world for a reason . . . to show me that I have the strength to overcome adversity.

I honestly didn't think at the time I could handle a 4th child when finding out I was expecting.  But, my little Reese has fit perfectly in to our lives . . . the piece of the puzzle that brings us all together.  I plan on sharing a lot with her as she gets older . . . telling her about how special she truly is . . . teaching her about life, love and learning to stand on her own two feet, while being strong enough to face whatever comes her way.  Yes, she is as cute as a button and her personality is quite that of a social butterfly.  But, more than those things . . . she is truly my angel on earth.

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