New Beginnings . . .

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Well, let me just get straight to the point.  During the past several years, this blog was previously known as, "Shopgirl's Blog".  It was a blog that built out of the love of fashion and friendship.  It was also linked with the online boutique, Boutique on Feet . . . in which I co-owned and developed from scratch with a person I once referred to as, a best friend.

Without getting in to detail, the boutique and blog posts came to a sudden halt, after learning that I was betrayed in the most hurtful way . . . literally a woman's worst nightmare.  Two people who meant the world to me and who I thought felt the same about me . . . lived a summer of secrets, lies and deceit.  Last summer was definitely a summer I know I will never forget, but hope to one day look back on with forgiveness, lessons learned and a peaceful heart.

So with that said, I decided that since my life took a drastic, "makeover",  I would pick up where I left off with my blog and give it a "drastic" makeover, too!  So, as you can see, the name, blog address and entire look, as changed.  And, like the change I am undergoing in my life, I hoping these new posts will rekindle my spirit and help with the whole journey of me "letting go" and embracing change.  I will continue to chat about adorable fashion finds, great deals and everything and anything that needs to have the love shared.  It's been awhile since posting, but I'm ready to go full force with letting go of the hurt and what I can't change . . . while focusing on the things that matter and that I love most.

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”  

~ Maya Angelou

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